Aims and Principles of Red Solidarity

1.  Red Solidarity is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist group dedicated to supporting revolutionary and anti-imperialist struggles in Britain and in the rest of the world. Among other struggles, we uphold the revolutionary people’s struggle in India being led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and the struggle in the Philippines led by the Communist Party of the Philippines.

2. Britain has grown rich from the exploitation of the oppressed nations.  British capitalists and workers benefit from the super-profits and cheap goods provided by super-exploited labour in the oppressed nations.  The division of the world between rich and poor nations is due to exploitation and not any other factor.  Red Solidarity supports an end to the exploitation of the oppressed nations and the redistribution of resources from rich countries to poor countries by means of a process of reparations controlled by the oppressed nations.

3. British workers suffer from the alienation and inequality that exists in any capitalist country, however rich it may be.  Socialism would make British people freer, happier and healthier, though not richer in material terms.  The British people would benefit from free housing, education and full employment.  Food banks and homeless hostels would become a thing of the past.  In general the British people will benefit from socialism.  However, Red Solidarity believes they must renounce their loyalty to their country and transfer their loyalty  to the world’s working class to realise these benefits.

4.  Real democracy does not exist in Britain.  No people can be free that oppresses another.  British oppression of other nations creates resistance and retaliation.  Imperialist oppression and exploitation of other countries creates a flow of refugees and economic migrants wanting to enter the UK. In response the British state resorts to all-pervasive surveillance and abuse of civil liberties in the  in the name of clamping down on terrorism and illegal immigration.  Real democracy can only exist in Britain once it withdraws its armed forces from all other nations and ends its system of racist immigration controls.

5.  Red Solidarity supports the just struggle for a United Ireland and supports those who rejected the Good Friday Agreement which was made to sustain partition.  We support the return of Gibraltar to Spain and the return of the Malvinas to Argentinian sovereignty.

6.  Red Solidarity supports the just struggle of African people for a united, prosperous and free African nation.  We also support any efforts to unite the nations of Latin America and the Arab nations, to strengthen their resistance to imperialism.  We support all initiatives to unite the revolutionary struggles of South Asia and ultimately the South Asian people.  We would support similar initiatives in other oppressed regions.  The liberation of nations is the initial step towards the coming together of nations.

7.  Red Solidarity acknowledges the reality of women’s oppression in the UK as well as the rest of the world.  Capitalist society relies on a regime of  the unpaid labour of women which is enforced by male oppression.  It is this relationship that lies at the heart of the violence against women and sexual abuse that is prevalent even in a supposedly advanced country like Britain.

8. It is the glorification of the bourgeois family and traditional gender roles that leads to the oppression of those who do not conform to this oppressive relationship.  Red Solidarity, therefore, upholds the cause of gay liberation.

9.  Racism in the UK has its origin in Britain’s oppression of other nations and the racist ideology necessary to justify this and the maintenance of immigration controls, designed to maintain a material advantage for UK workers.  The defeat of UK imperialism and the ending of racist  immigration controls will ultimately lead to the dying away of British racism. If this is combined with socialism and equality, it will not lead to the impoverishment of white, British workers.

10. The liberation of humanity can only come from socialism and communism. There was no economic collapse of socialism or the state capitalist regimes that took over in Eastern Europe after socialism degenerated.  Soviet workers before the collapse of the USSR were far better off materially than the great mass of the world’s people.  There was no objective economic reason for this system to collapse, it was entirely due to the greed of the state capitalist elites that wanted to be rewarded as fully as their counterparts in the west without the need to limit and conceal their plundering for the sake of maintaining ideological appearances. To avoid this disaster happening again Red Solidarity upholds the continuation of the class struggle against the new bourgeoisie under socialism.

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